Can I have my own designs printed or embroidered on the 8MI articles?

Yes, after purchasing the premium streetwear item, we offer textile finishing according to your wishes (e.g. DTG, screen printing and embroidery). We are a textile printing & embroidery company. For inquiries please use our contact form.

Do the items have branding or a size label?

All items have a size tag affixed to the left side of the wearer. Furthermore, an 8MI label is attached, which you can leave on or tear off according to your own preferences.

Accordingly, the articles are either labeled or not. ;)

Do you also offer dropshipping?

We are happy to offer you print-on-demand and dropshipping for your online shop. For inquiries please use the contact form.

Any questions?

Write us an email to info@8mi.de or use the contact form.